Creative Content Ideas for Your Website

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Keeping your website content interesting and varied will have a positive effect on how many visitors you get, how much time they spend on your site, and their overall impression of your brand. You certainly can have too much of a good thing, so even if your long, text-based blog posts are informative and insightful, on their own they risk becoming dull and losing their impact.

Applying some creative thinking and planning to your website content plan, you can introduce information which is just as relevant and applicable, but which is presented in different ways. This will widen your appeal, as you attract more prospects who enjoy consuming material in particular formats, and your diverse content will remain interesting to your long-term customers.

The other benefit of having different types of content is that it can increase the number of people who link to your site to share it, either via social media or on their own websites. The more interesting you are, the more people will want to make their friends and followers aware of you.

Some ideas for creative website content are:


Perhaps the most favoured tool at the moment, infographics are visual explanations of sometimes complex ideas. Usually designed in a very aesthetically appealing way, they present information in a way which is accessible and, importantly, extremely shareable. Many even have html code readily available that can be copied and pasted to instantly publish the graphic (and, of course, a backlink) on a third party website. displays a large range of infographics, if you need some inspiration.


Sharing relevant videos that others have created for YouTube or Vimeo is one way to vary your website’s content presentation. Even better, however, is creating your own videos, either for marketing, product demonstrations, or “behind the scenes” style films sharing how your business really works. With most smartphones having video recording capabilities, and webcams improving in quality, video making is no longer the preserve of those with costly equipment: it can be done quickly and easily in a trendy DIY style as you test how effective it is for your market.


Talking to people whose expertise and experience gels with your customers’ desires is a surefire way to grab their attention. Carrying out interviews with thought leaders in your field will provide a wealth of new information for your site, and it can be presented as either a video or audio interview, or a transcription of the discussion.

Presentations and Slides

If you have recently delivered a speech or presentation, chances are it is relevant to your customers and site visitors. If a video is publicly available, then sharing it on your website is the best idea. However if there is no recording of the speech, uploading your slides to a document sharing website such as SlideShare or Scribd will give you the opportunity to then embed your slide show onto your website. After all the work you put into the slides, it would be a shame for them to gather metaphorical dust when they could be used to reach more people and build your great reputation.

Always remember that different people enjoy consuming information in different ways. While some will skip past a video in favour of a text post, others will only want to learn by audio or visual imagery. Even for those without strong preferences, making sure that your site is a pleasant mixture of varying types of content means that they will remain engaged for longer, leading to a higher likelihood of them becoming a customer or client. Because of this, thinking creatively about what content to present on your website or blog, and how to present it, will result in a more positive experience for your site visitors, and can only benefit your business over time.