Ecommerce Solutions

A good e-commerce website can enhance your sales and provide a prospering business. WebPageOne Solutions can offer a well-designed site that your customers will want to return to.

E-commerce has become big business. Instead of investing in high street shops, companies are choosing to invest in store-front websites which enable them to display their wares to a local, national and global market. These websites are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and dispense with the traditional overheads that a shop business brings.

Your online shop should have detailed product information. The customer cannot just walk into your shop, pick up the products and examine them so the more detailed the description the better. Include size, weight, dimensions, fabric and care information if dealing with clothing as well as colour options.

You can choose to include key words in your descriptions to help optimise your website for search engines. Alongside the product description should be several photos of the product from all angles to enable the customer to see the product clearly. Smaller photos will enable more products to fit on the page, but can include a link to a larger photo. Include links to related products to maximise your sales.

Offer easy-to-find contact information on every web page which will build trust with your customers. Display shipping information clearly. There should also be easy-to-find store policies, covering returns and delivery areas. Including a FAQ can be good practice which should ensure that easy customer questions can be answered.

Your E-commerce website should be designed with a good search engine to enable customers to search through your product catalogue easily. If there is a way to filter results, then it will help your clients find what they are looking for more quickly. The website should also be easy to navigate so that customers can find their way back to products that have interested them.

The shopping cart should be well-designed so that customers are able to purchase their products in as few clicks as possible. The shopping cart should be easy to amend and showing all charges including taxes as well as shipping will help your customers to decide to shop with you.

Include as many payment options as you can, and include secure payment so that customers will trust you with their details. Instead of forcing customers to sign up for an account with you in order to buy, why not offer an option to save details for their next shopping trip which gives them a reason to fill in their details.

WebPageOne Solutions can design your E-commerce store with these great features to enable you to make the most of your online business.