LinkedIn Marketing

WebPageOne Solutions can optimise your profile page to enable you to get more out of your profile on Linked-In as part of your social media marketing strategy.

Linked-In is primarily a business network. Many of its members are executives of large companies, but there are plenty of possibilities for the smaller business too. Linked-In is used for making business connections, asking and answering questions and advertising jobs.

You can use your Linked-In profile as part of a wider social media strategy and the more you get involved, the more your business should benefit from the connections.

The most important part of Linked-In is your profile. It should be 100% complete which makes people more likely to approach you with work or want to connect to you. Put a well-written profile description together, including your business website and any blogs. Include relevant keywords for maximum search engine optimisation. Include a good photo and a link to your website. You can link your profile to your blog which will be updated every time there is a new post. You can link to Twitter and share your tweets.

Explore the applications available and make use of them. Share business presentation slides, monitor tweets about your business and know when others of your connections will be in the same city. You can update your status but remember that this is a business not a social network. You can also link to your profile through your Facebook fan page and your website. You can also add an encouragement for people to link to you through your email signature.

Linked-In has a recommendations network which helps to build trust. You can use the website to meet potential vendors, to network with other businesses in a similar niche and to post jobs of your own. Join some groups that are linked to your niche and get involved in the conversation.

You do not have to be linked to anyone to join a group and answering questions is the right way to promote your business and build your brand. It helps to show your expertise and will bring your business to the attention of potential new customers. Getting regularly involved in the community will help to promote yourself and your company.

Forming a business network is one of the best things about Linked-In. Connect to people you know and keep them informed about your company. Remember that it is more important to have a relevant network than a large network. You can only connect to people whom you have already met in a business setting.

WebPageOne Solutions can manage your Linked-In account as well as the rest of your social media marketing in order to help your company maximise the benefits that can be obtained.