Link Building and Development

In the internet Marketing world, people spend hundred of pounds to get traffic to their websites. One way to get more visitors dropping on your site is to have a predefined strategy for link building.

The basic concept of link building is to get as much links of your sites sprinkled all over the World Wide Web. Now, that is how most people thought it should be, but strategic link building tells you that there is more to it than exchanging and posting your links to every single site possible. Link building is an important part of the search engine optimization process. It is an effective way to get more traffic and get more revenues for your sites.

You too can start your own link building campaign at any given time. Here are simple and effective link building strategies you can follow to spread to the word that your sites exist.

Know who your target visitors are;

The first strategy in link building is to know who your potential visitors and potential clients will be.

You must understand by heart the behavior of your own market. Put yourself in their shoes. For instance, if you have a site where you sell your own e-books, where do you think most people would go if they want to buy e-books? Give that thought a moment, then you go visit the sites you thought of and exchange links with that site.

It pays to have a good content;

You would never go wrong with quality contents. They are the life source of any sites. People search the web for something to read in the first place and to get information. If you have sensible and useful content, other sites would definitely give you a link.

Make your content SEO-friendly

Strategic link building thrives on how contents are written. Online users should be able to read your keyword enriched articles as natural as search engines do. Be aware of the right keywords for your site and generously scatter them on titles, descriptions, headings and main body of your site, most especially on the linking text.

Media sites are a good place to start

If you are set to start a link building campaign, better start one at media sites. Strategic locations like these can jumpstart your campaign for traffic. If you get linked to one of these sites, others would be encouraged to link you as well because these sites have an extremely large audience.

Identify your link targets

Link building strategy is basically knowing the tops sites where you are likely to attract visitors and adding your own link to that site. It is like building your network of links and all the sites you chose has a common denominator that is associated to your site. List down at least a hundred of these sites and check each site if they can post your link if you write a review or submit your writings to their site. If users are interested in the sites you chose to have a link on, they are most likely to pay your site a visit as well.

Evaluate your link building campaign

To know if your link building strategies worked, you should monitor your traffic closer. Determine which sites generated more visitors. Check your search engine ranking and more importantly, how your revenues increased because of your link building strategies.