Graphic Design Company

Graphic Design – A creative process of visual communication.

Graphic design is a combination of graphical elements using colour, style and format that represents a product, person, brand, or company.

Graphic design is deployed across many mediums from television, radio, internet, print, signage, advertising.

WebPageOne Solutions use graphic design elements across various media and digital marketing platforms to promote one two or more ideas to showcase a new or existing brand or product.

This can include: a typical graphic design scenario. To brand a new company or rebrand existing one.

A brand new identity could include: New logo, new branding, replacement typography, business cards, compliment slips, brochures, letterheads, vehicle fleet livery, replacement signage, office stationery or any other combination of print material.

It may include direct marketing to promote the new branding to new or existing clients from business – business to direct marketing to mail drops or a web driven social media campaign.

Illustration: This could be anything from a new logo, to a display interface, a icon for the industrial industry perhaps it’s normally used when you need a unique way to visually represent something graphically.

Branding: Taking a companies corporate identity and applying it across a wide range of media. This also tends to include brand awareness which is making sure the public have a idea of what a typical company or product represents globally for instance If I say Cadbury, Pepsi or Macdonald’s immediately a image of these brands or logo’s come to mind as you have a brand awareness of what they are.

PR: Public Relations: Press release dealing with advertising or products on clients behalf writing of articles for press related media, placing of adverts for publications.

Litho Print: Long Run Items Business Stationery, Brochures, Leaflets, Flyers, Direct mail, Packaging, Magazine, Folders, Ncr sets, envelopes, Business forms.

Digital Print: Short Run Items Flyers, booklets, business cards, posters, timetables, Product printing, clothing, cups, pens, beermats.

Digital Print Interior / Exterior Exhibitions, Point of sale, window dressing, posters, signage, banners, pop up graphics, banner stands, Vehicle livery, Vehicle wrapping, Vehicle graphics, acrylic signs .