Search Engine Optimisation

The Importance of Search Engines

91% of adult internet users use search engines to find information online [] so if your site is nowhere to be found in the search results, chances of getting new site visitors are very slim. After all, if nobody can find your website, it does not matter how beautiful it looks or how advanced its functionality is. Nobody will see it!

Attract New Clients and Increase Targeted Traffic

Improving your position in the search engine results is vital for generating top quality, targeted traffic to your web pages. However it is not an easy task, especially if you are in a highly competitive market. Your existing customers may know your web address but attracting potential new clients or visitors is a lot harder without high Google, Yahoo and Bing rankings for your key words.

Pay Per Click Advertising vs Organic Search Results

One option is Pay Per Click advertising, which can have a very beneficial effect in attracting new website visitors, especially in the short-term. Pay Per Click ads produce quick results and can be affordable, especially for less popular search terms.

Improving your position in the natural search engine results can take longer to show results, however it does usually offer a longer-term benefit for your website, whereas Pay Per Click click-through rates drop off almost completely when the adverts are removed. Getting a better organic search engine position does not require a constant stream of paid advertising to keep your site visible, which can make it a wiser and more efficient strategy for a long-term campaign.

How can Search Engine Rankings be Improved?

The process of improving your search position is known as Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO. WebPageOne Solutions  are SEO specialists and we are skilled and knowledgeable about how the major search engines work. This means that we also understand what factors cause a website to rise up the rankings.

On-Site SEO

Some of the work we do is known as ‘on-site SEO’. This means that we might make changes to the meta data of your site, the internal linking structure, the sitemap and the page titles and URLs used, amongst other things, to ensure that when a search engine spider visits your site, it gets the best and most accurate impression of your website’s content.

Off-Site SEO

‘Off-site SEO’ is the other main factor in the SEO work we do. When search engines are deciding which websites to give the top search positions to, they look for signs that a website is an authority in the niche. One indication that a website carries accurate and valuable information is that lots of other websites link to it (these are called backlinks), which suggests to the search engine that the site is recommended by others. Therefore an important part of off-site SEO is to make sure that there are a variety of websites which link to your site. This is truly a task for the experts because Google will penalise a website if it has poor quality backlinks pointing in its direction.

WebPageOne Solutions are experts in knowing how, and where, to build really good quality, valuable backlinks to your website which, combined with the on-site SEO we carry out, will mean that your website will rise in the search engine results pages and your visitors and conversions will increase. Contact us today on 0845 293 9377 to find out more.

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