Web Media

WebPageOne Solutions can use all aspects of web media to enhance your website and improve the viewing experience of your customers.

Web media is an all-encompassing term which includes graphics, photos and video. The aim of your website is to introduce your company, reinforce your brand and to convert visitors into customers. The websites that manage to do this most successfully are easy to navigate, contain the right information and are interesting and attractive.

Logos and banners help to bring your brand to the customer’s attention. They should suit your company image but be in an easy to read font. The website colours should complement the colours of your logo. Animations can add interest but should never distract from the content or the products offered. They should be fast to load and run so that the customer is not left waiting for a web page to finish loading. If a webpage takes too long then they will be moving on to the next search result.

The website should be laid out in a logically so that the customers can find their way to the important part – the sales page. There should be as few clicks as possible to enable customers to buy easily. Links from advertising should go straight to a dedicated sales or landing page rather than the home page. It is important that this landing page should still contain your logo and the ability to take the customer back to the home page of the website.

E-commerce websites should feature clear photos of your products. Include colour choices and several photos of different angles of the product as well as the ability to view an enlarged version of the image. Photos can also be used to illustrate articles or even as fillers to break up the text. A good relevant photo is easily purchased for use from photo websites. Never use a photo without permission from the owner.

Your website should form a coherent message using graphics and content. Video and podcasting are also becoming more popular forms of offering information. Adding relevant content will help your website to rise in the search engine rankings. Your website needs to offer user-friendly features that will encourage visitors to your website to become customers.

The content management system needs to be easy to use so that the website can be easily updated. It also needs to be secure from malicious attacks. Functional tools such as shopping carts and secure payment features need to be easy to use for both customer and website owner.

Using web media adds interest and colour to your company website. Talk to WebPageOne Solutions today about upgrading to a visually stunning website that both you and your customers can access with ease.