Mobile Marketing

WebPageOne Solutions can enable your company to use mobile marketing as part of their social media marketing. Our SEO expertise will help you target your ads to the right demographic effectively and our web designers can provide mobile versions of your main company website.

There are several definitions of the term ‘mobile marketing’. It can be used to refer to marketing messages using mobile phones; it can refer to consumers buying items from internet websites while out and about. It can also be used to describe a website that has been designed to be viewed from a mobile phone.

The introduction of smart phones has rejuvenated the mobile phone market. The mobile phone companies have noticed the interest and started packaging internet usage alongside calls and texts. Consumers are using their mobile phones more to surf the Internet on the go and they are using them not only for Facebook and Twitter, but also to compare prices and even shop online.

The longest running campaigns have been SMS or Short Message Service. This involves sending your advertising message to users as a text message. Regulations have been tightened up regarding unwanted messages and spam SMS messages are discouraged.

Smart phones have brought their own form of marketing: MMS or Multi Media Service. These messages involve a mix of images, text, audio and video. This offers more creativity when creating your marketing message.

Developing apps can be another form of mobile marketing as part of your social media strategy. Apps or Applications are small programmes or games that are designed to do one particular thing. There are apps that are mini-games including old style games such as Monopoly or Cluedo, there are apps that manage your money or your passwords: in fact anything you can think of there is probably an app for it. Interactive marketing where you ask users to vote, take photos and send them in or send texts can also be a clever way of marketing your company.

For the future, consumers are being encouraged to give up a little of their privacy in return for the ability to tailor searches to their needs. Some retailers are using the GPS built into a phone to offer location-based results of searches which may prove more useful to consumers.

With smart phone use set to become even more popular among all demographics, it seems that the smart money must be to get into mobile marketing. Old-style marketing still applies: target your demographics narrowly and begin slowly, tracking your results to ensure that you are getting value for money.

Talk to WebPageOne Solutions about making mobile marketing part of your wider social media strategy to help extend your company brand awareness.