Facebook Marketing

WebPageOne Solutions can run or support your Facebook marketing campaign. We are digital marketing experts who can help you get your social media campaign working effectively for your company.

Using Facebook as part of your social media marketing can be an effective part of a wider advertising strategy. Facebook is the largest social media website on the internet and it has a wide demographic of users.

One of the simplest and most inexpensive ways to market your business on Facebook is to set up a fan page. It is important to be aware that it is illegal to set up a profile using anything but your own name. Fan pages are free and can be managed from your own account. Do choose the correct name for your fan page as it cannot be changed later. You will also be asked what kind of fan page you wish to set up.

Once you have your fan page, you can set up a number of different pages such as events, information and photos. Promote your page on forums and your website. You can invite people to become fans. Post regularly, but be careful not to flood your members’ inboxes.

You can provide tips and advice related to your business, ask questions to encourage conversation and begin to build a community of similar-minded people. You can ask members to give feedback over designs or even run competitions to encourage more people to spread the word. If you give value for your Facebook fan page, then people are more likely to share your message.

You can also promote other social media campaigns by linking Twitter and YouTube which will enable each to support the other.

The other way to use Facebook for marketing purposes is to purchase an advertising campaign using PPC or pay per click advertising. This should be carefully aimed at your target demographic and monitored carefully to ensure that it is giving value for money.

The campaigns are not expensive to run and they are quick to go up – usually within 24 hours. The most successful campaigns are advertising a clear niche which is aimed at a narrow demographic of users. Adding graphics to your advert will help it stand out, and you can set your ad to target your potential customers by city, state and country.

The advantage of using Facebook is the speed with which something can go viral. Social media is designed to encourage participation and sharing. Use it as part of a wider strategy and monitor the statistics carefully so that alterations can be made if necessary.

Talk to WebPageOne Solutions about your Facebook social media marketing campaign to ensure that it will fulfil its purpose in promoting your company.