Mobile SMS Marketing

WebPageOne Solutions provide a fully managed service for mobile SMS marketing, which utilises a cloud based mobile marketing platform design and developed specifically for this service.

Smart phone usage is on the increase within the UK across all demographics. While the 18 – 34 age group is the most likely to own a smartphone, 75% of all new handsets are being purchased by older age groups, showing that mobile is an ideal platform to reach your target market, no matter what age they are or where they live.

The number of SMS, or text messages, being sent is increasing by 30% each year, and most mobile phone owners are comfortable utilising this medium, making it an ideal way for businesses to communicate with their customers.

So, what is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is a way for businesses to contact their customers, offering a special deal, a promotion or information about the brand. In just 160 characters, a company can catch their prospect’s attention and ask them to follow a link to their website, reply to the SMS or sign up for a new service.

SMS marketing is also used by some charities to raise awareness of issues or prompt the recipient to donate.

What are the benefits of SMS Marketing?

If you are considering using mobile SMS marketing for your business, consider these facts:

  • SMS opening rates are in excess of 92%
  • Most text messages are opened and read within 5 minutes of receipt, offering the potential for almost immediate conversions
  • 48% of people said they were quite likely, or highly likely, to respond to an offer they receive from a company via text message.

SMS Marketing can be highly targeted to make sure that the message reaches a business’s ideal customer. Additionally, although iPhone and Android apps are currently very popular, they limit a brand’s message to those who own a smartphone, whereas SMS messaging is accessible to virtually every mobile phone user.

Because text messages are short and to the point, they are perfect for spreading the word about a catchy, appealing offer or service. The open rates far exceed that of email marketing campaigns, and the calls to action can be responded to within minutes of the messages being sent.

SMS marketing is particularly effective for offers which are time-sensitive. A special offer for this weekend only, a one-off deal in response to a breaking news story or a new house on the market can all be shared quickly with your customers.

WebPageOne Solutions offer a service which includes delivery reports for every single SMS marketing campaign you send, as well as have the options of sending messages which are longer than 160 characters and even the ability to receive replies. Your messages can be personalised to the recipient, and will always be sent in a way which respects the law, offering an opt-out in every message and using the established mobile phone networks.

We will manage your SMS marketing promotions from start to finish, including setting up the account, configuring and administering the messages and campaigns, and we will provide a full analysis of the success of the promotion, including open rates and conversions.