Social Media Marketing

WebPageOne Solutions can support you in your social media marketing. We understand how to build that trust and authority which will help build your web campaign and our expertise in SEO will drive your message to the right people.

Social media is everywhere. Websites like Facebook and Twitter have become mainstream with a wide demographic of users. This provides more opportunities for businesses to interact with potential customers.

Social media can take many forms including, but not limited to internet forums, Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, weblogs, social blogs, wikis and podcasts. Businesses can pick and choose which channel best suits their needs, or run a cross-channel campaign to reach the maximum amount of users.

It is important to know the aim of your social media marketing campaign. Are you trying to increase awareness of your brand? Are you trying to sell products or services or drive traffic to a website? The aim of the campaign will affect the way that you organise it. It is also important to track results so that you know whether your campaign is being effective or not.

Building up a successful marketing campaign using social media, can be time-consuming but very rewarding. A company should offer expertise in the chosen niche. People respond well to messages from others that they trust and it helps if the person spreading the message is seen as an expert.

How do you build authority in your niche? People use the internet every day to gather information. Questions are so popular that most blogs and companies have a FAQ or Frequently Asked Question page in order to avoid answering the same questions over and over again. Answering questions on relevant forums and blogs will bring you to the attention of potential customers and help to show your expertise.

Email newsletters can be another form of social media. It’s a way of connecting with interested customers and you can use a sign up form on your website.

Other forms of social media marketing include using ads on a webpage, writing a blog for your website and using other media such as podcasts and videos to get your message across.

Be consistent with your message, promote your brand as often as you can without using spam and meet potential customers where they are and you will be developing an effective social media marketing strategy.

Above all, track the data, understand how to reach your customers and track what they are buying to help you know whether the strategy is working or whether you need to create more exposure.

Using WebPageOne Solutions to guide your social media marketing will help to ensure that your campaign will be successful in achieving its aims.