Mobile Website Design

WebPageOne Solutions can offer you a website designed specifically to be viewed by mobile phones. We can offer you an accessible, functional mobile version of your website to capture the increasing number of customers who are using their smartphones to browse the internet.

If you visit your website on your mobile phone, you may immediately see the problem. Small buttons do not appear to highlight when pressed, using big fingers mean that the wrong item is selected and the text is too small, unreadable, or split up in such a way that the message has been lost.

You need a mobile website which will work perfectly with all mobile devices, and given the exponential rate that mobile internet use is growing, you need it yesterday!

Mobile Internet Use is Increasing

There are more people accessing the internet through their mobiles every day. They expect high standards and good functionality. You need your business website to look good on a smaller screen and make it easy for customers to access the information they need without becoming frustrated and going to your competitor. You need to give your customers a real experience and to keep the website up to date with new technology developments and experiences.

Customers browsing through their mobile phone are more likely to be conducting location-based searches and to be looking for information about the area or products immediately in their vicinity. Applications such as Google maps can be very useful in helping customers to pinpoint your location. Retailers can promote ‘Reserve and Collect’ buttons while restaurants can allow diners to book and view their menus.

Mobile Websites Meet Customer Needs Effectively

Your customers need to be able to find the information they want in a minimum number of clicks. Complicated navigation should be saved for your main website. Instead use backlinks which are clearly defined when pressed. You can also include links to the last important page used. Enable users to make selections rather than have to type in large amounts of text. It is easy to mistype on a mobile phone which will offer more frustration when the wrong products are returned in the search. Leave out any non-essential information which can push the important content off the page. Reduce banner sizes to avoid half the page being taken up on a small screen.

Mobile Web Design Must be Compatible with Mobile Phones

Your mobile website may well include the same content, but must be more user-friendly on a smaller screen. Your company website can be incompatible with a mobile so you may prefer to design a mobile-friendly website that is specific to mobile users. Layouts should be extensively tested to ensure that the website is as useful and useable as possible.

WebPageOne Solutions offer their expertise to help design you the best possible mobile website. We can offer you expert mobile web designers to ensure functionality and user satisfaction when using your website. As more and more mobile users access the web every day, it will be important to enable them to have a satisfactory browsing experience on your website when they visit.