General Web Advice

The Internet is accelerating changes in the business environment that have been underway for some time, partly because small and medium-sized firms now have access to the same kinds of telecommunications capabilities as large firms do. Companies have new ways of cementing alliances, new methods of obtaining customer feedback, and new opportunities for developing information-related revenue streams. Even organizations that are not yet linked to the Net can be affected by it.

As a competitive intelligence resource, the Internet serves both as additional source of information and a cost-effective means of sharing and disseminating information to decision makers. The Internet is also a major force reshaping the business environment giving rise to new kinds of revenue opportunities, creating incentives for collaboration with existing competitors, and providing niches for new kinds of competitors.

Using the Internet for your Business, understand how you can use technology to build your business. Learn about choosing the right hardware and software for your needs, creating online brochures and Web sites, sending electronic newsletters, and using E-commerce to grow your business.

Technically Speaking, What Do You Need? Your technology needs depend on the type of business you run. Find out how to get your business running efficiently without buying lots of unnecessary, expensive equipment.

Technology Tools To Meet Your Business Needs, You may be on the road, working from a home office, or traveling across the country while running your company. Learn about the tools you need to stay in touch with clients, vendors, and employees.

Potential Tech Pitfalls for the Small Business Owner As an entrepreneur, chances are you’re responsible for every area of your business, including tech support. Create a plan for dealing with technology problems.

Your Company Brochure – Print or Electronic? When every penny counts, you want to think carefully about your marketing materials. Creating and printing a brochure about your company is a time-consuming and expensive. A Web site that has been built by a professional search engine optimisation consultant is a great alternative.

Building a Great Web Site.

Web sites are as important as business cards when promoting your company name.

The Power of the Opt-In Database. If you’re networking, you probably have dozens of business cards from prospects, colleagues, and potential investors. By creating an opt-in database, you can communicate with these contacts regularly through newsletters, E-mail, and other correspondence.

E-Zine Mania. An electronic newsletter (E-zine) puts you in touch with customers, prospects, employees, vendors, and investors on a regular basis. Use our tips to create an E-zine that people read and look forward to every month.

Use Your E-mail Subject Line To Get Your Message Opened. Grabbing and keeping people’s attention is what business is all about. Learn about the importance of the subject line of your E-mails.

Is E-Commerce Right for My Business? E-commerce is a great way to expand your business. Learn how to take advantage of this powerful technology in a cost-effective way.