SEO Copy Writing

SEO Copy Writing is known as writing creative and relevant content for search engines. Basically it is a new type of writing, such as writing for the web. SEO Copy is writing content for a website that both makes sense to the reader and includes keywords to make the website pages rank well in the SERP (search engine results page ).This does not mean that you take the original copy from the website content and then just add a bunch of keywords in between wherever you like.

The idea behind the SEO Copy Writers Service is that search engines are looking for original content and you want pages that give you good rankings in the SERP. The way to achieve both of these is to have your pages created using SEO Copy Write.

What are the downfalls to the SEO Copy Write Service?

One of the downfalls are that not all sites can be optimized using SEO Copy Writing, especially those websites which may have many photos or images. If there is no text to work with then it is hard to optimize the web page. In order to use SEO copy writing as a SEO technique, it needs to be applied to a website that contains text.

Another downfall would be that SEO copy Writing is incredibly time consuming and if you do not have the ability or the time to do it yourself then you would have to hire a professional which can get expensive, since each page can only target one or two search terms. If your website requires many keywords or very competitive keywords it could take many pages to get yourself first page results in Google. In any small or home based business it is imperative to keep costs low. It is possible to perform parts of the SEO Copy Writers Service yourself, although you must first know about Search Engine Optimization.

What does this mean for me as a small business website owner?

It means if you would like to have an SEO copy writers service as an additional optimization method (other than creating inbound links) and you do not have the time to learn SEO Copy yourself and it is not feasible for you to hire an expert then unfortunately you are at a disadvantage to those who have the means to have it done.

The good news is that it’s not the end of the world… You could always create your own SEO copy and then have your web designer or webmaster use that text on your website. Sometimes it might not be that big of a difference if you use SEO copy Writing or not, it depends on the keywords you are looking for.