Mobile Web Applications

WebPageOne Solutions can design mobile applications to enable your company to get ahead in the growing market of mobile solutions.

In the wake of the ever-popular iPhone, mobile phone manufacturers have been bringing their own systems to the fore. Blackberry, Nokia and HTC are all popular brands of smartphone which can run their own applications in a similar way to an iPhone. It is possible to develop applications to run on these phones which can relate to your business and help to spread your brand. Mobile apps are a growing corner of the market and you can get your company ahead of the technology curve by taking action now.

Design Your Own Mobile Apps

It is estimated that mobile use will continue to grow and this increases the possibilities for marketing your products and services. Use innovative and exciting apps to increase your brand awareness and help to retain loyal customers. Designing your own apps helps to capture sales and marketing opportunities and enables you to stand out from the rest.

It is possible to design mobile apps that will work across several platforms. Mobile apps are as varied as Apple apps: they can be based on lifestyle, entertainment, games, social media, retail and business tools among others. Design something that is visual and functional but simple to use and in concept and you will have a sure fire hit.

Mobile App Designs

Some of the functions that you might like to consider for your app include location-based services which enable the user to check out products and services in his immediate vicinity. Search facilities are very popular as is the ability to compare prices and call up product information. Apps linked to specific retailers are useful, particularly if users are regular customers. Social media apps are a growing phenomenon enabling customers to keep up-to-date with their favourite social media website.

Once you have an idea for your app discuss it with WebPageOne Solutions. You will want to target it at a particular demographic to get the best results from it. Although you are working with new marketing forms, the old advice is still correct: to target your demographics carefully. You will need to market your app effectively to the right audience and monitor the results. You may decide to give your app away to help collect email details or to bring more traffic to your main website.

Future Mobile App Trends

Future predicted mobile app trends include object recognition, a context aware service and a more inclusive mobile commerce system which may allow a user to photo a product in a shop in order to add it to their shopping cart. It is a growing industry and one in which it would be wise for a business to add to their marketing department.

WebPageOne Solutions can help you add mobile applications to your company portfolio. Talk to us today about your app ideas. We can take your idea from conceptual stage to a completed mobile application ready to sell or give away.