Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a local web designer?

Unless you have a need to see a web designer personally, no. We have clients from different parts of the United Kingdom

How much does a web site cost ?

That all very much depends on the size of the finished web site, the number of pages and the complexity.

How long will it take to design my web site?

The length of time taken to design and publish a web site varies from client to client. Factors such as size and complexity affect the time taken, as well as our existing work schedule. One of the factors most likely to slow down the process is when we are waiting for clients to supply images and/or content for the web pages.

Can I use my own web hosting?

Yes, provided you can supply us with the necessary information to upload your web site.

What about updates and maintenance?

We will make minor changes to the web site for a period of one month from completion. Amendments after this period, or major changes will be charged at our prevailing maintenance rates. A full maintenance package is also available.

Who owns the copyright?

You do, provided you have paid any invoice(s) in full and there are no special arrangements regarding images or content. Unless stated otherwise within your site.

What is web hosting?

Space which is rented on a remote computer or server on which your website is stored, for which a monthly or annual fee is payable.

How long does my web hosting last?

Typically, a period of twelve months, but this may be longer to obtain a reduced cost.

Who arranges the web hosting?

We arrange web hosting on your behalf. It is part of the range of services that we offer.

What is a domain name? is a domain name.

How long do I own the domain name?

The name registered remains yours as long as you keep up to date with any renewals due. We will remind you when your domain name requires renewing. Names are usually registered for a period of two years. Other names such as .com may be registered for longer. If you fail to renew a domain name, it becomes available for anyone to register on a first come first served basis.

Who registers the domain name?

We take of registering the domain name on your behalf.

What does the term SEO mean?

SEO is a short term for search engine optimization.

What is a URL?

Universal resource locator. is a URL.

What is e-commerce?

The ability to sell goods or services via the internet.

When do I pay?

We will ask you to pay a non-refundable deposit once a suitable design has been agreed. The balance is payable on completion.

How do I pay?

We accept payment by cheque, bank transfer or PayPal. We do not advise sending money through the post.

What is flash?

A form of animation which has the ability to manipulate text and images into animations or movies. Flash can add sparkle to a web site but care has to be taken as it can slow down the time that it takes for a page to load.