Google Apps For Business

Google Apps for Business is a set of tools which help business owners to manage their work in a streamlined and user-friendly way. Companies of any size can benefit from the flexibility of the system, and WebPageOne Solutions is available to manage the installation and configuration of the suite of tools on your behalf.

Your Information is Secure and At Your Fingertips

With Google Apps for Business all of your information, files and communication are stored in ‘the cloud’, meaning that you can access them wherever you are, whether on a computer, a smartphone or a tablet PC – as long as you have internet access, your information is always accessible to you. The cloud storage also means that you do not have to worry about whether the documents and information on your computer are backed up – the cloud servers are safe and secure and backups take place automatically.

WebPageOne Solutions will take away the stress of installing and customising Google Apps to suit your needs by taking charge of the configuration and setup of the tools you want, omitting any which you have no need for. You can choose to have any, or all, of the following tools set up for your business:

Gmail for Business

Many people use Gmail for their personal email communications so the interface is already very familiar. This normally means that less training is required for employees when the system is moved over to Gmail for Business. What’s more, the features which make it a popular service for individuals are also very relevant to businesses too.

Gmail for Business can be set up with a customised email address to match your company domain name. This email address is managed through the familiar Gmail interface, but presents a much more professional image than a generic email address.

Google’s famously impressive search power is available within Gmail, making old messages easy to locate when they are needed. The Labels system (similar to folders in other email software, but more flexible) helps you to organise your mail while a powerful spam filter removes distracting junk mail from your inbox.

Each team member with a Gmail for Business account receives an allocation of 25GB email storage, meaning that old emails never have to be deleted to make room for new ones. All of your email correspondence can be stored and accessed and you can even use instant messaging and voice or video chat within the Gmail interface.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is an intuitive tool which allows your staff members to organise their time. Group meetings can be scheduled, and the option to overlay colleagues’ calendars onto your own means that arranging a time suitable for everybody becomes a straight-forward task. Group calendars can even be created so that different staff members can add or edit appropriate events, and calendars can be made either public or private.

Google Docs

Google Docs eliminates the need for expensive software licences for programmes such as Microsoft Office by allowing users to create and share documents online. Spreadsheets, word processor files, presentations and web form functionalities are available and Google Docs makes it easy for colleagues and partners to collaborate and work on the same document in real time. No more confusing situations where 6 different versions of the same document are flying around in email attachments with nobody knowing which is the most recent!

Changes in documents can be tracked and privacy settings are easy to control and change. Users can even upload other file formats, such as music or video clips, to Google Docs, allowing them to be backed up safely in the cloud, and shared with others as required.

Google Sites

Google Sites is a way for individuals within businesses to build internal or external websites for their company. No web design or html skills are required as the site builder is very similar to familiar document software, such as Microsoft Word. Because of the ease of use, anybody who wants to can create a website and any authorised person can access it.

These internal sites can be used to organise business information, list the contact details of anybody who works for the company, or share important information or news within a group of colleagues.

Other Features

Other features are available within Google Apps for Business, such as the ability to upload videos to YouTube which are then viewable only by people within your company.

Massive Cost Savings

For all of these features, Google Apps for Business costs just $5 per user per month. Its closest equivalent, a Microsoft Exchange Server, can cost up to £8,000 when the server, software, configuring, licensing and maintenance is taken into account. And despite this huge price tag, it does not offer anything close to the flexible and collaborative functionality of Google Apps for Business.

When you hire us to set your business up on Google Apps for Business, we will take care of the configuration of the service, migrating any existing email accounts or data and even setting up the Apps for iPad or other mobile services.

Google provides the products and we, at WebPageOne Solutions, provide the service you need to start taking advantage of these powerful tools. Contact us now on 0845 293 9377 to discuss your business needs.