Cloud Backup Solutions

Cloud backup systems offer safe, efficient and affordable solutions for businesses of all sizes. Multiple computers can be backed up to the same cloud storage space, providing an easy and effective way for data to be synchronised between approved accounts while also saving on infrastructure costs such as external hard drives.

Loss of Personal and Professional Data

Anybody who has experienced the loss of their laptop, a devastating hard drive crash or the theft of their computer will recognise the horror that losing all of their information, files, music, photos and work projects can bring. Losing hundreds of hours of work, as well as sentimental pictures and video files can cause heartache, professional difficulties and even issues with personal, or work, security.

It can be as simple as spilling a drink on a computer and in just a moment, everything disappears. The shocking figure that 10,000 laptops are lost or stolen in airports every single week [] is enough to strike fear in any computer user, especially if they do not have a secure backup system already in place.

So what is the solution?

Many people use an external hard drive to back up their information. However, remembering to keep up with the routine, and having the time to do so, is not always easy, and soon gets neglected. Not only that, but the information can only be accessed in one place. External hard drives can also be prone to eventual failure, causing instant, disastrous, data loss.

Cloud backup, on the other hand, uploads all of a person’s information and data onto secure servers online. No extra hardware is required, reducing the risk of loss and breakdown, and it frees users up to work from any number of different locations.

Your Information Accessible Wherever You Are

When your data has been backed up onto the cloud you can access it from anywhere. Unlike an external hard drive backup, wherever you are – as long as you have internet access – you can get hold of all of your files and folders. You can even sync your data between computers, tablet PCs and smartphones. This means that the work you do at home is instantly available when you arrive at work, and is even available to peruse on your iPad during your commute.

Recover and Restore Lost or Damaged Files

In the event that your computer crashes, you can easily recover and restore all of your files and information from the cloud. Your data is backed up automatically so you do not need to remember, or make time, to update and upload your latest project, and everything is safeguarded with powerful, online banking-style security measures in place.

Choosing the Best Cloud Backup System for Your Needs

There are many cloud backup solutions available and it can be confusing to find the right one for your business. At WebPageOne Solutions, we specialise in finding the right one to suit your needs. We also take away the worry of setting it up by configuring and automating all the systems for you.

Cloud backup solutions are a safe, effective and secure way to back up the data from your computer. Your files are available whenever you need them, wherever you are and it is easy to safely sync files with your colleagues. Contact us today to discuss your needs and we will locate and set up the best cloud backup solutions for your business.