The Benefits of having a Company Blog Site

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Blogging offers superb benefits for companies, and remains an underrated and underused tool to gather leads, gain customers’ trust, and improve a website’s rankings in the search engine results. Incorporating blogs into company websites is becoming more popular however, and almost all types of business in any and every niche can benefit, using them as a way to humanise your business, build brand awareness and improve web traffic.

Companies whose websites have blogs have been shown to get 50% more traffic to their site, even if the blog is only updated once a month. This kind of traffic increase can make a really big difference to brand building efforts, as all of this increased traffic gets visitors seeing your logo and the services or products you have on offer. The more top quality, informative content you provide on a blog, the more reasons customers and potential leads will have to visit your site, and the more pages a visitor reads, the more likely they are to buy from you. It goes without saying that an active blog provides more and more opportunity to capture the attentions of prospects, and to give them the exact information they need to be convinced to buy from you.

That is not to say that a company blog should be a thinly veiled sales pitch. Visitors see through this and lose trust in your objectivity or knowledge if they suspect it is a cynical sales exercise. Keeping a blog informative is vital, as is making it relevant to your company’s products and purpose, but aim to offer insight into how you work, and provide details about your products or services that speak for themselves. Gaining trust in this way is worth a lot more than pretending to be providing information when you are actually writing a not-so-subtle sales letter.

Blogging also has SEO benefits for a company website. The more subjects you cover in keyword-rich blog posts, the more relevant your content will be when people search for advice, and the more long-tail keywords it will contain, offering a better chance of ranking highly for the terms your prospects are searching for. Frequent updates also provide the “freshness” that search engines favour, meaning new and updated content on a regular basis. Plus, the better your content, the more likely you are to gain natural backlinks from other authoritative websites, boosting your search engine rankings further.

Use a company blog as a way to demonstrate to the world that your business is a leading expert in your niche. You can showcase individuals within the organisation as authors, giving your brand a human voice, and use the comments you receive on posts as an opportunity to communicate directly with your audience. Promoting discussion in this way allows you to learn exactly what concerns your visitors and what they want to know more about, giving you content ideas for the future.

Increased visitors, better search engine results, communication with your customers and establishing trust and authority are all compelling reasons for a company to start a blog. Creating an editorial calendar to plan out the topics you want to cover, and discussing internally the goals you would like the blog to meet are important first steps. Agreeing on a style of posting, who gets recognised authorship and how to manage comments should also be covered within the plan, to ensure that from its inception, the blog serves its purpose and meets the needs of both your organisation and your customers and prospects, too.