Google AdWords For Small Businesses

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The Advantages And Benefits Of Using Google AdWords For Small Businesses

For small businesses, options for advertising online can seem bewildering. Knowing which services are reputable, and which will show results, can be difficult to work out.

One effective option is Google AdWords, which has become an accessible solution for small businesses worldwide who are moving away from conventional and mainstream avenues of advertising. While strategically-placed billboards or national television commercials may be a good strategy for larger businesses, advertising online – which is more immediate and more responsive – through Google AdWords is becoming more and more popular. If the internet has revolutionised the way we go about marketing and advertising then Google AdWords has made targeted online advertising possible for any small business.

There are various advantages and benefits of using Google AdWords for small businesses from the size of its reach, to the cost limits, to the degree to which advertisements can be targeted to reach the best and most appropriate audience.


Google is the largest search engine in the world and also the most used. Google AdWords enables small businesses to put up an ad next to the search results on this vast search engine, as well as on websites that are relevant to the subject or niche, and on other Google services such as Gmail. The reach over its entire network is unprecedented and larger than anyone could have predicted, and it is expanding all the time.


Using Google AdWords can be extremely cost effective when it is well managed. Advertisers pay a certain amount every time a web user clicks on their ad, and they can “bid” on which key words they want to advertise against. The spending is entirely under their control as they can set limits for the maximum amount they want to spend per day or per month, as well as the maximum amount they want to pay per click. This way, costs cannot unexpectedly spiral out of control.

Flexibility and Responsiveness

With an experienced professional managing the account, the prices a business incurs can be even lower. This is because they can carry out tests on the most effective wording and positioning of an advert, so that only those which tend to result in purchases or conversions end up being displayed. Ads can be altered and adapted at any time in response to special offers, events in the news or even the actions of competitors. What’s more, any changes made are essentially immediate, so the effectiveness of a new campaign can be quickly assessed in real time.


Google AdWords offers an impressive number of options for targeting advertisements. Businesses can target a few keywords, a certain town or city, and even certain online platforms that you think your target audience would be looking at. There is no need to waste money appearing on all the networks and web pages that are viewed by people who may not have interest in your product or service. Instead, reach only the people who are your ideal customers.


The analytics within Google AdWords are extensive and offer a very systemised account of how your ads are doing, which ads are converting, and how much revenue you have generated through sales.

Overall, Google AdWords has transformed the way a small business can advertise online, and the options available are impressive and versatile. If the possibilities seem overwhelming or confusing, there are professionals who specialise in managing AdWords Pay-Per-Click accounts who can take it out of your hands.