Advertising and Marketing on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is the primary social media platform for business networking, so it is the ideal place to conduct marketing activities and campaigns. Ignoring its potential means losing out on the site’s 200 million users worldwide, with two new users joining every second. There are 11 million LinkedIn members in the UK alone, so as a platform for business networking it really cannot be beaten .

Networking with other LinkedIn members is vital for making the most of the site, and its “degrees of separation” system makes it easy to find and connect with not just people you know, but also those you want to know.

Having an optimised profile page allows other site users to discover you and your business and will provide the information that people need when they are making a decision about whether or not to talk to you or work with you. This can include using the right key words, formatting the page correctly, and making sure you sound not just knowledgeable and authoritative but also approachable. Inserting the right links in the right sections is also incredibly important, yet a lot of people fail to update this information when their circumstances change. Many people also leave parts of their profiles blank, which is really a missed opportunity.

To further improve your profile, consider adding your blog’s RSS feed so that any updated entries you post are automatically published on your LinkedIn page, and also try connecting your Twitter account to your profile.

Having a well-optimised LinkedIn page does not just help you on LinkedIn itself. It also has been shown to have some SEO benefit with backlinks, connections and re-shares of your content contributing towards higher search engine rankings for appropriate search terms. This is, in part, because LinkedIn is considered to be a well-respected site, not known for an excess of spammers – unlike some other social media sites!

As a LinkedIn user you can use social proof to promote yourself and your business by gaining recommendations and endorsements from your peers to demonstrate to others that you are skilled and capable. You can ask your friends and colleagues to provide these for you, but often the best way to solicit a recommendation from somebody is to write one for them first. Many people will appreciate you taking the time to do this, and will reciprocate by providing one for you in return.

Joining LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your sector of business is a great way to “meet” other people in similar roles who can become valuable contacts. By answering questions and adding genuinely useful content to the group’s discussions you can also prove yourself to be an invaluable asset.

LinkedIn is also the perfect platform to consider pay-per-click advertising on, especially if you are a B2B business. You can bypass the usual gatekeepers by targeting your ads to appear directly in front of the decision-makers within companies. This often involves targeting the advert so that it is shown to sales managers, CEOs or CFOs in your sector.

The opportunities afforded by this network are incredible when they are managed well. At WebPageOne we can help you to manage your LinkedIn profile in order to maximise your Success.